Add-On Domains

Every user of Plymouth Create is assigned a “” subdomain URL at account creation. If users want to use a different domain for the site(s) they create on Plymouth Create they can purchase a domain name separately and activate it via the “Addon” feature in cPanel, which is seen below.

This is the domains tab in Cpanel where you can locate Addon Domains.

Additional Plymouth Create Accounts

Academic programs and projects may request one Plymouth Create account. These must be associated with a full-time employee (faculty or staff) at Plymouth State University (this can be in addition to a user’s individual Plymouth Create account).

Requests should clearly identify the goals for the site to be built on the account and why the user(s) can not achieve those goals using other available systems (.edu. PSU Blogs, SharePoint). In addition, where appropriate, requesters should demonstrate communication with other relevant stakeholders (faculty and staff colleagues, supervisors, etc).

This process can be initiated by emailing and providing the information listed above.

Quota Adjustments

Everyone on Plymouth Create when they sign up receives 1 GB of space on their account. Users can request an increase in their account space quota after they’ve demonstrated that they have taken steps to mindfully steward the space they’ve already been assigned. These steps include:

  1. Removing unused Web applications
  2. Removing unnecessary backups. We recommend 1 latest backup per install. If a user wants to maintain more backups they can set up off-site storage of backups or download backups to their own computer/hard drive. In addition, there is a separate backup system that keeps snapshots of the previous 2 weeks of changes to an account that can be accessed by users if necessary.
  3. Deactivating and deleting unnecessary plugins/themes from WordPress
  4. Uploading photos/images at optimized sizes. Users may also want to install a plugin like Smush which will compress and optimize files as they are being uploaded.

Users can request increases in 500 MB increments, to do so email and be sure to review the steps you’ve taken noted above.